pspresent is a presentation tool to display full-screen PostScript presentations. It provides simple navigation, and double-buffers for seamless transitions.

pspresent requires Ghostscript (gs) to be installed for the actual PostScript rendering.

Matthew Chapman <matthewc at cse dot unsw dot edu dot au>

pspresent 1.3: Source (14KB) Changes Note: this version corrects the sense of Landscape and Seascape (previously it was deliberately backwards, to work around an issue with chaksem). If using chaksem, use 1.7 or later to get correct orientation.
pspresent 1.2: Source (14KB) Changes
pspresent 1.1: Source (14KB) Changes
pspresent 1.0: Source (14KB) Changes
pspresent 0.9: Source (5KB)